more rows and columns on firefox new tab page

Firefox has a “new tab” speed dial type page available. I use it as my homepage (hint, use: about:newtab) and find it very useful for launching my often used favourites.

My one gripe is that it only shows you a default grid of 3 x 3. You can easily change that if you look in the secret preferences. Open a new tab and type in: about:config, accept the warning, and then search for: browser.newtabpage.rows and browser.newtabpage.columns. These values are easily editable by double clicking on the row. (Bold indicates non defaults.)

I chose a rectangular (column) size of 4, and now I’ve got just enough favourites to suit my frequent browsing habits.

Happy hacking,


PS: Now if firefox would only integrate natively with gnome-keyring like chrome and epiphany already do!