lecturing and git-bisect

I was recently asked to give a lecture for the PRELUDE series at McGill. Here was my abstract:

I don’t like computers, and neither should you.

We spend too much time figuring out how to talk to them, instead of having them figure out how to understand us.

There’s a big discontinuity between what software is providing, and the killer features we want!

We’re not completely lost though. There are a lot of good tools and methodologies available!

Until the feature gap closes, let me introduce you to some of these tools, and show you how I use the computer.

I spoke about a variety of topics with the intention of filling in everyone’s knowledge about the useful tools available to users and developers. I included a section about git-bisect and have posted the script in the examples section of the bash-tutor tarball. It is now available for you to download and share.

I hope everyone enjoyed the lecture, and I always appreciate feedback!