hello planet puppet

Hello planet puppet readers!

Brice Figureau[1] who runs planet puppet has just syndicated my blog, so thanks go out to him.

To all readers, I hope you enjoy my content, and please don’t be shy to comment and let me know if there are particular subjects or posts that I should elaborate on. I’ve got a whack of technical posts in the archives, so feel free to browse and let me know what’s good!

Only my puppet related posts should appear on planet puppet, so if you’re interested in other linux/sysadmin/technical posts, feel free to drop by.

Happy hacking,


[1] He seems to have a trusting, inclusive policy, so I hope to not disappoint :)


Dear internets

Dear internets,

During my daily grind of computer architecturing, I often learn something new that I wish a mentor had taught me earlier. I will post my babbles here, so that the interested might learn, and for the wiser to comment on.

Happy Hacking!


PS: I had a previous blog, but that server was taken down. It has been merged into this one!