gnome3+others glipper/klipper replacement

So a friend of mine uses kde4 for its klipper feature. Turns out he’s right that it’s an awesome feature! I realized I couldn’t let gnome3 take second place to a clipboard app, so after a bit of searching…

$ sudo yum install gnome-shell-extension-gpaste gpaste xsel

Next hit up: to flip on the extension. I had to first type: ALT-F2, “r” (to restart the gnome shell). Don’t worry your apps won’t die. And then I flipped it on.

Clicking on the new shell icon will let you change your pastes, as well as the gpaste preferences that you use. I like to combine this with xsel, so that I can:

$ echo this will be seen in gpaste | xsel

…and presto!

Happy hacking!