a custom epiphany location bar

since i do much research on the internets, i often find myself in a web browser. my favourite of the lot is epiphany. this post isn’t about its merits or failures, but about the awesome way to make my location bar be exactly how i like it: monospaced.

just add the following into your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file and then restart epiphany. feel free to modify as you wish.

# ~/.gtkrc-2.0
style "Epiphany_Locationbar" {
# leave out the font size if you wish
font_name = "Monospace 12"
#bg[NORMAL] = "#ff0000"

# both of these seem to work...
#widget "*.EphyLocationEntry.*" style "Epiphany_Locationbar"
widget_class "*.EphyLocationEntry.*" style "Epiphany_Locationbar"

thanks to raphael for the original post, and the #epiphany developers.

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