tech support for a keyboard

so my boss was recently kind enough to purchase a new keyboard and mouse combo to attempt to relieve the elbow-and-down pain that i endure due to constant programming and mouse moving. thanks.

i received my “logitech cordless desktop wave pro” today, and 15 seconds later i’m up and running in linux. the keyboard and mouse seem to be really nice, however i won’t dwell on their merits here, i’m sure you can read about that elsewhere on the internets. what i would like to point out is that for some stupid reason, the keyboard only sports a battery indicator light. that’s right, NO NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCKS OR SCROLL LOCK LIGHTS. (woops, sorry didn’t realize caps was on.)

apparently, the bundled software will notify you via on screen display when you push the caps locks key, however who is silly enough to install that ? (linux users defintely aren’t, especially since it’s windows -only-) the confused engineer who thought this was a good idea should probably get the boot. i suppose it’s one of the reasons they can boast long keyboard battery life, but i’d rather have my keyboard led’s back.

i suppose it would be easy to hack up a little osd notifier that tells me when the caps locks key gets pressed, but it won’t fundamentally change the fact that i don’t want to see an indicator on my screen, i want it on the keyboard.

ps: the reason this is titled “tech support for a keyboard” was because i had to call their surprisingly unhelpful keyboard support department to figure out that there wasn’t a hidden indicator light. never thought i would need to call in for something like that.

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