vanilla: my favourite flavour of gnome

after a recent upgrade to ubuntu 9.04, it seems that i’ve been pushed into using some “unfeatures” that i didn’t ask for. well apparently they won’t be unfeatures forever, but for me, notify-osd and indicator-applet aren’t quite ready for my consumption. i realize that ubuntu is trying to improve the desktop experience, but i’m going to need to wait for some more polish first.

so how do i get rid of these horrible things ? i really liked the look of the notification-daemon, and i wanted it back. turns out i can do:

sudo aptitude install gnome-stracciatella-session

and when i log into x there is a “gnome (without ubuntu specific components)” option that i can choose. it seems to work and i’m running it now. hope this tip is helpful to you. thanks to martin pitt for making it easier for us to choose.

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