evanescent 0.3

new evanescent released. get your tar balls today. now with pro dbus support, and happier than 0.2 in every way. please send in any patches and bug reports.

ps: easy one line installation too!


2 thoughts on “evanescent 0.3

  1. Hello, Bonjour,

    What a wonderfull tool you’ve made. My students always forget to logout. So this should be very usefull.

    But I just succeed installing it on my new ubuntu lucid distrib and I don’t know how to configure and use it.



    PS : I hope a deb package will soon be made. I can’t figure out how to do one even if I tried a lot but had too many errors I couldn’t understand.

  2. Generally all it takes is a “make install” (as documented in the INSTALL file) and necessary dependencies are… hmm apparently not listed anywhere… I’ll update this shortly. Once installed, you should have access to evanescent-* man pages which should help quite a lot I believe.

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