coloured tab completion

i <3 tab completion, coloured grep, and coloured ls, however i would love to see coloured tab completion.

what would this entail? imagine you have files: “apply”, “applied” and “applications” in a directory, and you typed: “cat ap” <TAB>, then i would expect to see: apply applied applications (highlighting the rest of the words / options. or perhaps there could be a mode that just highlights the next letter that needs to be typed.

comments? questions? insults!

if someone wants to send me some pointers on the correct way to code this, then i can try to whip it up in my spare time if it doesn’t seem like a behemoth of a project.

ps: maybe this could take off, and then someone could also define a system (or user) wide setting for choosing the colour used for grep, tab completion, and whatever else we colour.

pps: and yes it’s colour, not color :P

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